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This four-part podcast series is a collaboration between uOPRA and our friends over at Young PR Pros. The series invites listeners in to learn about 4 industries within PR (technology, lifestyle and entertainment and public affairs) and the different insights the spokespersons for those industries give to young PR pros. We had a pleasure working with Young PR Pros hosts, Kristine and Julia. To listen in on the full podcasts please visit this link.

Young PR Pros is a weekly podcast for the young and young-at-heart looking for tips and advice on how to build and advance their careers. Kristine D’Arbelles and Julia Kent’s podcast discusses key themes and issues in the public relations and communications industry such as: social media strategies, ethics, methodology and a wide range of other related topics. The blog occasionally includes a “PR Word of the Week”, which defines relevant public relations and communications jargon common in this industry (i.e. “generation y”, “accreditation”, and “race report” are examples of some of the terms covered).


Ft. Shirley Schiavo, HR Manager of MediaMiser

Founded by Public Relations students at Algonquin College, MediaMiser is a company that focuses on monitoring and analysing news coverage from traditional means (newspaper, television) to social media (Twitter, Facebook). Their services range from Enterprise Media Analysis Reports, which involves a professional analyst writing daily reports concerning organizations, media trends, and other topics in the marketplace today, all the way to SNAP technology. SNAP is a web-based service that allows companies to harvest and package their news for distribution within the organization. Their unique organizational blend of PR-meets-technology allows them to have a variety of clients from Fortune 500 companies to the Prime Minister’s Office. Employees range from IT specialist to PR pros to graphic designers – meaning there is no limits to what this company can offer!


Ft. Payton Kennedy, Operations Manager  of Ottawa Fashion Week

With the city’s first fashion week in 2009, Ottawa Fashion Week has quickly established itself as a regular avenue for designers to present their collections. The ever-growing popularity and hype for this event has generated a captivated audience full of aspiring designers and fashion-lovers alike.

The goal is simple: to showcase both established designers and newcomers in a community environment where they can join the rest of Ottawa in supporting fashion and the creation of new ideas. The event is open to the general public with week and day-passes available. For the stylish citizens looking for new and innovative ways to experience fashion, this week is the perfect place to start.


Ft. Ian Capstick, President  of MediaStyle

MediaStyle is a communications agency located in the nation’s capital offering a wide array of services that include training and strategic planning, studio work (voiceovers, messages, and podcasts), as well as branding (including a creative plan, tools to target their audiences, and content to help attract new cusomters). With Ian Capstick as the President of MediaStyle, it’s no wonder that this company excels in all it does. Ian is passionate about creating social change through communications. He sits of the Board of Director’s for Form of Young Canadians, is an advisor for LeadNow.ca, and is a chair for Ottawa’s LGBTQ Village committee. Ian has also worked for the cabinet of ministers and opposition members in the House of Commons. His expertise and knowledge has leaded him to become a regular of Power & Politics on CBC News Channel. Needless to say, Ian and his colleagues at MediaStyle are a force to be reckoned with in the Public Relations and Communications industry.

EPISODE 4 - Government Relations

Ft. Nicolas Ruszowski, Senior Vice-President, Partner & GM of Fleishman-Hillard

Defining itself as: “the most complete communications agency in the world, capable of reaching any audience, with any message, through any channel”, Fleishman-Hillard really does it all. Operating throughout 80 offices in 29 countries worldwide, the company offers brand marketing, media relations, public affairs, research analytics, reputation management and a wide array of other services. However, some may ask, what makes it different than other firms? The answer boils down to its corporate philosophy: doing what’s right, leading by example, and using its inner voice to behave in an ethical and truthful manner. The firm believes that the secret to success isn’t about secrets at all. In actuality, it’s about valuing respect, harvesting teamwork and initiating transparent business practices that will secure long-term viability of a firm. This philosophy has enabled the company to maintain its long-time clients, including Procter & Gamble, Barnes & Nobel, the Turkish Embassy and the US Federal Trade Commission, to name a few.

uOPRA would like to give a shoutout to Young PR Pros hosts, Kristine D’Arbelles and Julia Kent for collaborating with our team and making this special projec possible. Thank you!


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