12 Days of uOPRA 2015


Tis the season to be merry, and reflect on all of the things we love about the holidays and have to be thankful for from the past year. This year, to celebrate uOPRA’s annual holiday blog series, we present to you, the 12 days of uOPRA.

  1. I’m Jewish and I Love Christmas – Written by Miriam Sasslove
  2. The Five People Who Need to Chill Out About Christmas – Written by Sarah Pudwell
  3. The Top 5 Holiday Movies to Watch This Year – Written By Melina Kokkinos
  4. How will you be celebrating the last day of 2015? – Written by Sarah Pudwell
  5. The Red Holiday Cup – Written by Courtney Saunders
  6. 7 Things to Let Go of Before 2016 – Written by Emily Guterres
  7. Christmas Music: For Profit or For Cheer? – Written by Jordan Alfred
  8. Chaque année, l’hiver essaie de nous tuer et c’est beau! – Written by Philippe Gendron
  9. Coffee for the Holidays – Written by Alex Scott and Luvy Hardy
  10. There’s Magic in You During the Season of Giving – Written by Shanice Atkins-Broome
  11. uOPRA’s Top Five Holiday Commercials – Written by Jocelyn Courneya
  12. Christmas Baking with Mira – Written by Mira McKee