12 Days of PR 2014

Click the links below to read our 12 days of PR articles!

12. 12 Days of PR: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from uOPRA By: Shannon Murphy

11. 12 Days of PR: Sharing the Holiday with The National Arts Centre By: Shannon Murphy

10. 12 Days of PR: How many Santa’s does it take to sell a bottle of coke? By: Jocelyn Courneya

9. 12 Days of PR: Giving Back This Holiday Season By: Jordan Alfred

8. 12 Days of PR: How the NBA is Getting in the Christmas Spirit By: Emily Guterres

7. 12 Days of PR: Let’s Tweet-Up! By: Pina Capuano

6. 12 Days of PR: Purple, Red, and Blue, the New Colours of Christmas? By: Jocelyn Lubczuk

5. 12 Days of PR: Christmas Films uOPRA’s Top Picks By: Shanice Atkins-Broome

4. 12 Days of PR: Event Review: CPRS/IABC Social By: Jahrusha Coke-Talbot

3. 12 Days of PR: Holiday Traditions By: Sarah Pudwell

2. 12 Days of PR: Christmas Carols and Holiday Cheer By: Emilee Darling

1. 12 Days of PR: Spreading the Christmas Spirit – 45th Annual “Help Santa Toy Parade” By: Madison Dobson


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