uOPRA’s 12 Days of PR Bliss: When Fashion Meets PR

Written by: Shonge Sakupwanya
Edited by: Raechel Allen

Public relations, fashion, and passionate bloggers—these are a few of my favorite things. Fashion PR maintains the relationship between a brand and its multiple audiences. In today’s digital era, this now requires an ability to determine the right message, audience, and platform. It is not hard to argue that blogging has changed the way people communicate and spread ideas. Successful fashion PR bloggers understand the importance of a strong brand identity and the power of an engaged network. So if you are looking to break into the competitive world of Fashion PR, you better take notes. Here are some lessons to be learned, and my list of the Top Five Fashion PR blogs to follow.

5) On marketing yourself

Coming in at number five is Our Mode helmed by local fashion duo CJ and Catherine. This dynamic couple has managed to turn their everyday style into a successful blog that has drawn the attention of major retailers from Target to H&M. They were recently named Le Chateau’s favorite his/her blog.


4) On how to be versatile

At number four is TwentyYorkStreet by Marilou Moles. Government PR maven by day and blogger by night, Marilou has steadily developed 20YS to become Ottawa’s fashion go to blog and marketing platform for emerging talent, designers and photographers. Her work and ability to write for different markets has seen her partner with top leading brands such Thann Skincare, making her a sought after marketing specialist.


3) On how to succeed professionally

At number three we have Girl With A Banjo by Milan resident Yazmin Cabrera. This how to guide talks just about everything from how to dress the part of a fashion publicist to tricks of the trade. From its early days to now, Girl With a Banjo has built a loyal fan base across the world with Yazmin recently being listed in the Top 10 of women in PR to follow on Twitter.


2) On how to navigate the industry after college

At number two we have NycPrGirls by Adriana and Meg. Started in 2011, it details the experience of these twenty somethings as they try navigating the world of fashion and entertainment publicity in The Big City. NycPrGirls has received recognition from key media PR such as Ragan PR Daily.


And the haute spot goes to…

1) PR Couture by Crosby Noricks, for teaching you how to dominate your field Known as “a fashion publicist’s most powerful accessory” PR Couture is the juggernaut of fashion publicity blogs. Fashion publicists and brands alike rely on the site for innovative insights into public relations, marketing and social media as well as expert interviews, strategic counsel and job postings. It has been named one of 25 Essential PR Blogs by PR Web and ranks fourth on the top best public relations blogs in the world.


So there you have it PR junkies. Give these blogs a look. Hopefully they will you leave informed and better prepared to take on this thrilling industry.

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