Surviving my First Year as a Public Relations Student

Written byAlyssa Dobranski; Edited by: Shanice Atkins-B.

Here’s how I deal with my courses:

  1. Take a lot of notes in class and read them over later.
  2. Actually read the textbook and take notes along the way rather than just highlighting the bolded words.
  4. Use the anonymous question box on LectureTools and Echo 360 to ask the TA questions because I’m too shy (I’m in communications, but I am too shy to communicate. Oh the irony!)
  5. Keep all classes and their content separated and organized.
  6. Take a five minute dance party break when I’m studying and want to die.
  7. Make tons of friends in my classes so I have someone to study with later.
  8. Understand how all of my professors teach so that I get the most out of the class.

I know these seem pretty repetitive to what everyone was told at the very beginning of the semester but trust me, they’re all important when it comes to managing your courses. I’m always so surprised at the amount of notes I have when studying for an exam. Granted, I am that really annoying person who has to write down every tiny detail but either way, there’s always just so much information to know for exams.

The struggle of studying

I think I stayed up until 2 a.m. the night before an exam just trying to cram the last bits of chapter three into my brain, which I can assure you is very useless. No matter how much information you may get in the lecture, be safe and read the textbook anyway. I’ve definitely learned my lesson and I’m so thankful that my good friend coffee was there to support me in my time of need. Okay, so maybe coffee and dance party breaks aren’t essential in surviving course work, but fuel for your body and study breaks are. I really am a coffee addict though so whenever it’s time to whip out the books and slowly die, I usually keep a cup of java nearby just for a little ‘pick me up’. However, the coffee doesn’t last forever and my brain slowly realizes that I’ve tricked it into studying for too long and that’s when I become restless. My body needs to get up and do something after sitting for hours trying to understand why we’re so bad at communicating that we need to be taught how to do it.

Music and Studying

For me, I enjoy listening to music and dancing so much to the point I will put my headphones in and blast Eminem or Beyoncé and dance or fake rap around the room until I feel better. Normal people would just go hangout with friends or go for a walk to the cafeteria where there are mind blowing cookies to make your day, but I’m not normal. Thankfully this is unknown to most people so I can still make all those lovely study buddies in class. And if people find out, well there’s still that anonymous question box for the TA’s.

Friends aka study buddies

I wouldn’t have survived this long without the friends I’ve made and that question box. It’s a relief to know that when you feel completely lost in class other people do too and you’re not alone.. I’m fortunate enough to have the same group of friends in all three of my communication classes, which is especially nice when all of my classes start to merge together. The past few weeks my friends and I have noticed that our professors have all brought up the same points or examples at different times throughout their lectures. Thankfully, my friends and I are able to stay on track understanding the content of our courses.

Understanding my Profs

While keeping the content for each course separate is important, paying attention to each of your professors teaching styles and understanding how to learn from them is just as significant. I got lucky with my professors this semester. They’re all wonderful people and exceptional in their field, but it took me some time to get used to how they teach. Professor Salha is really funny and full of life during her lectures. But at times it’s hard to get the point of her lecture for that day so you need to take notes as best you can and go back later to look at the PowerPoints. Professor Ferguson, I’ve already briefly mentioned, has a lot of experience in her field and has many outside examples that tend to take up most of the class. Utilising the question box in LectureTools and asking the TA to help you understand her point is sometimes necessary. Lastly, Professor Hashash is really good at lecturing but he doesn’t post his slides online. So if you don’t get the information in class, you’re out of luck. (unless you’ve made friends who have the rest of the notes)

These are very minor issues. Overall, my professors are very fair about their examinations and expectations for their students and they’re all willing, to help me if needed, so I really did hit the jackpot this semester.

My experience so far has been great and I can only hope that it will remain that way throughout my next few years here at the University of Ottawa.


Let’s Talk About our Future


Written by: Emily Guterres; Edited by: Shanice Atkins-Broome

Have you ever been afraid of pursuing your passion because of what others think?

My dad is an accountant. He’s always tried to convince me to enter a field where there is a lot of calculations and pays well. Mind you, me and numbers have never got along. Only this year I’m trying to understand numbers because of my keen interest in media analysis.

You can become a lawyer to make your parents happy, your sister happy and hey, maybe even yourself. But at the end of the day, you know what’s best for you. You know what you like and you’re the only one who truly has the answer.

Over the summer, I was mulling over my program thinking I had to do things that will make me ‘attractive’ to employers in order to brand myself and my future.

But then I thought: people love people who are passionate about what they do.

You know what interests me? Publicity, Education, Health, Sports Marketing, Branding with Entrepreneurship, Customer Service & Event Planning.  And here I am trying to figure out what realm should I specialize in. I try to remind myself that I’m still young and I wont have all the answers today or tomorrow.

As Jeffrey Remedios expresses, “Do what you love, do what you’re passionate about and the economy will follow.”

Especially in today’s society, people pick and choose who they like when it’s beneficial to them. You will have people who don’t believe in your ideas, who don’t want to be on your team and even shut you down. Being a young woman living in Ottawa having many ideas towards making changes on a big scale, I often feel shut down by most. But then I come across certain people who genuinely support you and wholeheartedly believe in you. These are the type of people that will help you strive towards your goals and be your biggest cheerleaders throughout your journey.

Even after telling me to “go where the money is”, my father always dropped some inspiring gems whether I liked to hear it or not. He shared with me, “I finished with a psychology degree not knowing what I wanted to do with my life. My dad put me in business school, and from there things kind of fell into place.”

What he always tells me is “he still doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life.”

So I ask myself Why should I? I’m a young ambitious 20-year-old, who is excited to step foot into the work field. Whatever opportunities come my way I will gladly accept and learn from the experiences. Who knows, I may end up doing something completely opposite from what I desired years ago.

We all mature at different times and figure life out at different times.

Heck, I still have a hell of a lot to learn.


uOPRA Elections 2015

The school year is finally coming to an end and with it uOPRA’s 2014-2015 Executive team finds a new generation of PR and Comm leaders that will take the club to a whole new level.

Elections for the new 2015-2016 Exec team will be held this Sunday, April 19th at 10:00 am at the University of Ottawa (Faculty of Social Sciences Building, room 1005). All candidates will give a short speech outlining why they would be a good fit for the team, and what new ideas they would like to implement for the upcoming year. We hope to see you there to support and vote for your favourites!

Without further ado, here are the candidates!

Courtney Saunders


A University of Ottawa student, heading into her 3rd year of studies, is majoring in Communication and minoring in Business Management. Upon graduation, she has aspirations of a career in event management. Courtney was raised in a small town located between Kingston and Toronto, but was drawn to Ottawa from an early age for its picturesque downtown and beautiful sites. Courtney is passionate about volunteering, her friends and family, recreational running, cooking, canoeing and camping. She believes that everyday is just another opportunity to smile and appreciate the little things that life has to offer.

Running for: President | VP Finance

Jahrusha Coke-Talbot


Running for: President | VP Social

Sarah Pudwell


Sarah Pudwell is a second year student in the Communications program. This is her first year with uOPRA but she has always had an interest in being part of a team working together to do great things. She has played an important role in the planning and organizing of many events in the past and is excited to continue bringing her skills to the uOPRA team next year.

Running for: VP Social | VP Secretary

Jocelyn Courneya


Finishing up her second year, Jocelyn is a Communications major with minor in Global Studies at the University of Ottawa. A member of uOPRA since its start in 2013, Jocelyn’s passions lay within social media, public relations for non-government organizations and blogging. Equipped with coffee, Jocelyn is always ready to meet new people, take on challenges, and gets active in her support of all uOPRA activities and initiatives.

Running for: VP Social | VP Secretary

Shanice Atkins-Broome


Shanice Atkins-Broome is a 19 year old student, currently studying at the University of Ottawa. She is  majoring Public Relations to receive her Honors of Bachelors. With passions such as acting, writing, and even dancing at times, Shanice is able to express her creativity through blogging – being one of UOPRA’s bloggers. With hopes of being in the PR industry, Shanice takes the experience of being apart of such a diverse organization in hopes to further her dreams of being a PR professional and share her talented gifts with others.

Running for: VP Secretary

Emily Guterres


As a second year member of UOPRA, Emily feels like she knows the club/organization inside out. She thinks that she would make a great fit as a VP Secretary because of all her past efforts with UOPRA.

She is not only familiar with the history of the club, but she brings fresh and new ideas to uOPRA and she’s ready to put them into action. She is driven and hardworking. She would be thrilled to be a part of the 2015 – 2016 Executive team.

Running for: VP Secretary

Jordan Alfred


Jordan Alfred is currently a third year student at the University of Ottawa. He is pursuing a double major in Communications and Criminology. He decided to get involved with the UOttawa Public Relations Association after attending their first annual conference. His passion for Public Relations developed in High school, wherein he became intrigued with the concept of shaping people’s perceptions, in reference to how they view companies and certain figures within the media. After graduation, his goal is to either, pursue a graduate degree in Public Relations or attend law school. When he isn’t focusing on school, he enjoys playing sports (basketball, skiing, running) , watching TV shows, and hanging out with friends.

Running for: VP Finance 

Connect 2 Success Conference: Meet the speakers

The uOPRA team is proud to introduce the speakers for the Second Annual Conference: Connect 2 Success. Enjoy!

Master of Ceremonies (MC)

Ryan Kennery

MSL1MPQURyan Kennery is the Director of Communications and Operations for Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson. Ryan previously worked in communications for the City of Ottawa, where he managed projects for municipal departments including economic development, emergency services, and public health. He  holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in communications from the University of Ottawa, and studied journalism at Sheridan College. During his time at the University of Ottawa, he served in a number of student leadership roles including President of the Communication Student Association.

He is a former member of the University of Ottawa’s board of governors and is a current member of the University of Ottawa Alumni Association’s board of directors.

Ryan will be introducing the keynote speakers, as well as moderating the panels during the conference.

 The Keynote Speakers

Renée Filiatraut

Untitled1Renée is a regular commenter on foreign and defence issues and has appeared on CBC’s The National with Peter Mansbridge, Power & Politics with Evan Solomon, CBC Radio’s The Current, CTV Question Period and Power Play. She is also a contributing writer for Policy Options Magazine, National Newswatch, the Ottawa Citizen and the Canadian International Council’s

Offering a rare perspective on the realities of conflict and diplomacy in the digital age, Renée has been a guest speaker at Ottawa University, McGill University and the Munk Centre for Global Affairs.

Currently, Renée is a professor at the Algonquin College School of Media. She is fluently bilingual and lives in Ottawa.

Christopher Massardo

christophermassardo_pic-1-of-1Christopher Massardo is a publisher, editor, writer and former fashion stylist based in Ottawa, Canada. Massardo entered the fashion and journalism world in 2009, at the age of 22. His entry was on a bit of a ‘whim,’ after pitching a story idea to the editor of a local magazine. Within a short couple of years, Massardo found his working passion  in magazine covers, advertisements, campaigns and in publications such as Dolce Vita, Italian Vogue, Capital Style, Wedding Dreams, Canadian Brushstroke, Z!NK, Papercut, Supplementaire, IDOL, Photographer & Muse and more.

In the Fall of 2011 Massardo launched PRESS fashion magazine, a quarterly print and digital publication focused on fashion based in Ottawa. Now in 2015, PRESS has established sales  locations in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver, New York, Chicago and Tokyo. This vast success has led to features on CTV, Rogers TV, CBC Radio, The Ottawa Citizen,, CHIN Radio, The Brill Blog, and more!

Now at 28, while still running PRESS, Massardo is releasing his first book, “The funny, horrible, and (possibly) true stories of #setlife”, set to be available in select stores and online in the Spring of 2015.

Rob Mariani 


Rob Mariani is the Senior vice-president and national practice leader, engagement strategies at Hill & Knowlton Strategies Ottawa. He began his professional life at Compaq as manager of operations and delivery (1996-1998), and built on his service delivery strength through his position as a product manager at Mitel (1998-2001). In 2003 Rob co-founded Ascentum, a leading engagement firm in Canada that was acquired by H+K in 2012.

Rob is a strong believer in the power of engaging people in decisions that affect them most, having applied his passion and expertise on engagement projects for business, government and not-for profits. He is committed to helping organizations build sustainable decisions to complex issues through citizen and stakeholder engagement.

Rob holds a bachelor of science (economics, public policy and public management) and a master of business administration (organizational management) from the University of Ottawa. Rob holds professional engagement certification through the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2).

The Panelists

Kristine D’Arbelles

crop1_400x400Kristine D’Arbelles is a public relations and communications professional who builds on her career one new opportunity at a time. She currently co-hosts the podcast Young PR Pros alongside partner Julia Kent. The podcast is for the young and young at heart, structured for PR pros looking for tips and advice on how to build and advance their careers. Another one of Kristine’s achievements includes her production of Inside PR, a weekly podcast about public relations and social media.

From Monday to Friday you can find Kristine busy working as the manager of public affairs for the Canadian Automobile Association. A few of her many tasks include media interviews, engaging with members through the CAA National Twitter account or managing a new project to keep Canadians safe on the road.

Kristine also believes in giving back to her community through volunteering. She is heavily involved with the International Association of Business Communicators, Ottawa Chapter. She currently holds the position of VP of Membership on the IABC board. She is also a director for the Impaired Speed Skating Association of Canada (ISSAC), which empowers impaired speed skaters to dream big and aim high by funding training, travel and equipment expenses of registered skaters to help them represent Canada at internationally recognized impaired speed skating competitions.

Darcy Boucher 

H1Y-29d-Darcy Boucher is a public relations professional and entrepreneur by day, and Naval Reservist in the Canadian Forces by night. While Darcy’s interests are multi-ranging, her main passion is people. Having lived both across Canada and in Mexico, Darcy is multilingual in English, French, and Spanish. Her extensive experience across multiple spectrums in the PR industry; from the fashion world to working with tech startups, prepped her to start her own business in 2013. Thus, Bowda PR, Communications & Consulting, a creative boutique PR agency, was born. Darcy’s motivation and inspiration for starting Bowda was entrepreneurship, with their tagline appropriately being “we are passionate about what you do”.

Natalie Bovair APR


Natalie Bovair APR is the principal consultant at Savoir Faire Public Relations, a company that she started in 2013 with plans to keep the company small and personal. She has spent much of the past 25 years in the health care communications practice area, including work with PR agencies, continuing medication education companies, and health charities. Her career experience also includes professional association communications, membership management and, most recently, teaching public relations.

Over the years, she has won four national awards for excellence in communications work. She has helped health care associations and companies to reach Canadians with life-giving news, successfully handled communications crises and hot-seat questions from the likes of the fifth estate, and boldly faced her PR class of digital native students with instruction on the strategic use of social media.

Natalie is a current member of the Canadian Public Relations Society’s National Membership Committee, a PRK Exam marker, and an Accreditation program invigilator. She has served as an elected member of the CPRS Toronto board, in the Professional Development and Membership portfolios, and is currently enjoying my work with CPRS Ottawa-Gatineau as Secretary and chair of Accreditation.

She is Accredited in Public Relations, and holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and advanced Diploma in Public Relations.

David Rodier 

David-RodierDavid Rodier is a vice-president and Group Leader of Hill+Knowlton Ottawa’s Public Sector Communications Unit. David has over 20 years of experience providing high-value strategic communications and policy advice for governments, business and the not-for profit sectors.

David has a broad practice area encompassing corporate communications, message development and execution and reputational management. He was the lead consultant for the release of all three State of the Nation Reports by the Science Technology and Innovation Council- the arms-length council that advises the Government of Canada on Science and Technology policy. David also has a robust health practice providing strategic and communications advice for clients including the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health (CADTH) and the Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care. In 2009 he managed the release of the Investigators Report into the Listeriosis Outbreak.

Prior to joining the consulting world, David served for seven years as an advisor to the Honourable Allan Rock at the Department of Justice and Health Canada. At Health Canada David managed Canada’s HIV/AIDS and Tobacco Control Strategies from 1997-2002. His proudest career accomplishment is the adoption of global precedent setting picture warning systems cigarette packaging that are now found in over 65 countries.

The Workshop Speakers

Dan Mader

Dan MaderDan Mader is Vice President in the Ottawa office for NATIONAL Public Relations. He draws on his knowledge of policy, communications, and strategy to help NATIONAL’s clients succeed in an increasingly regulated world where public opinion and the political process are critical.

Dan has a deep background in consulting and public affairs, including nearly six years working as a senior advisor to federal cabinet ministers. He served in senior policy roles at several departments, leading the development of policy in areas such as Treasury Board, Environment, Infrastructure and Transport.

Dan served as Chief of Staff to a new cabinet minister, gaining significant experience in communications and issues management. He later served as Deputy Director of Communications for a provincial election campaign, writing speeches and television ads and overseeing video production.

Before joining National, Dan worked as a Senior Consultant at a Toronto-based public affairs strategy consultancy.

Dan has an MBA from the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto and an Honours Bachelor of Mathematics in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo.

Melanie Coulson

one pager- uopra conference.pdfMelanie Coulson, United Way Ottawa’s Director of Communications and Content, has been telling stories since she was about two years old. She has more than 15 years experience as an award-winning senior-level journalist in the country’s top newsrooms. After graduating from her Master’s Degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from Carelton University, Melanie went on to work for CBC, the Globe and Mail and the Ottawa citizen. Spending over 15 years working in the news industry, she held positions such as NCAN reporter, Assistant National Editor and Senior Editor.

Presently, Melanie’s professional role as Director of Communications and Content for the United Way Ottawa involves leading her communication team, creating strategic communication strategies and developing videos, blog posts and various media content to grow the United Way’s brand.

Throughout her time working in such high roles in the news industry, Melanie also works as a Teaching Instructor. She taught media law at Algonquin college, and is currently a professor at Carleton University’s School of Journalism and Communication. Melanie is a very well respected communications professional, and holds the Michener-Deacon Fellowship for Journalism Education award.

What Are You Wearing?

The history behind your favourite brands, slogans, and logos

Written by: Jocelyn Courneya

Edited by: Patricia Michelena

Have you ever purchased a t-shirt, or liked and reposted an image because you thought, “Hey, that looks really cool,” but didn’t know the true symbolism or meaning behind it? It is likely we’ve all been a culprit of this at one point or another. Liking how something looks is a major part of our reasoning for purchasing or sharing something. However, many popularized brands and organizations come accompanied by logos and imagery that carry a much deeper meaning than “looking cool”. Some of our favourite slogans and brands come with stories containing much greater historical and social meanings than you may have thought.

To give you some more insight on the t-shirt you’re wearing, or last picture you liked on the Facebook page of your favourite organization, uOPRA has broken down the history behind some of our favourite logos, slogans and brands.

Slogan: Keep Calm and Carry On

Keep Calm-And-Carry-On

We use it when we fail a test, miss out on our morning coffee, or are facing a tough assignment at work. “Keep Calm and Carry On” is a prime example of a slogan that has not only been decorating offices, coffee mugs, bedroom walls, and t-shirts over the years, but carries its use into our daily lives.

History: While it may be fairly new in popular use, the beloved logo is actually over half a century old. The white lettering on top the union jack, is a product of the propaganda initiatives of the British government, used during the Second World War.

These posters decorated England in attempts to lower anxieties over the ongoing war and attacks within and outside of Europe. The posters were apparently disposed of entirely after the war had ended, and resurfaced decades later, after one of the historical posters was rediscovered. Instead of just applying to war, the popularized image now encourages calmness in our day-to-day anxieties.

Organization: Anonymous (Guy Fawkes Mask)


If you’re a fan of their work, or consider yourself a twenty-first century activist, slacktivist, or hacktivist, chances are you have at least noticed the grin wearing masks commonly dawned by many of today’s protesters and anarchists. Often the most recognized wearers of these identity-hiding masks are those members of the online activist group Anonymous. Maybe you’ve worn one yourself, have shown your support for the group through a profile picture or cover photo, or recognize the image from the film V for Vendetta. Whatever the connection may be, many do not know the story of the face behind the mask, or in this case, the face that is the mask.

History: The white anonymous mask is created in the image of 17th century rebel and British anarchist, Guy Fawkes. Fawkes was a member of a group of English Catholics who had plotted to blow up the house of lords, and assassinate and dethrone the Protestant King James, in what is historically known as the Gunpowder Plot. Although the plan was debunked by an anonymous letter of warning sent to the monarchy, fictional stories and images of Fawkes, created long after his death, made the early rebel a symbolic figure of protest and anarchy.

Many moons later, the face of Fawkes, in the form of a mask, was outfitted to the anarchist main character in the Alan Moore and David Lloyd comic V for Vendetta. The comic was later adopted as a popular film. The mask is now worn by many to symbolize their movements in overthrowing and denying current systems of power and control, and can be seen in use online by many hacktivist groups, and on popular websites like 4Chan.

Company: Chanel



While you may not be in the position to afford one of their designer fashion products, chances are that the logo of this famous fashion line has caught your attention a time or two.

History: Following popularized rumours from within the fashion industry, the designer brand’s famous interlocked CC logo is not just a symbol for the name of the organization’s founder Coco Chanel. Other theories state that the logo actually comes from the original emblem on the Château de Crémat in Nice, France. The interlocking Cs can be viewed on the stained glass window of the chateau, which can be viewed in the image below.








Fun fact, the font used in the logo was designed specifically for Chanel!

Brand: Obey


While you may recognize this logo being sported by skateboarders, Tyler the Creator and being stamped across your boyfriend’s favourite snapback, the famous red and white logo goes beyond being just the symbol for a popular clothing company.

History: Shepard Fairey is the man behind the brand, creating the popularized abstract sticker of late wrestler Andre the Giant while studying art in Rhode Island in 1989. Fairey’s sticker sparked a movement of embracing a “do-it-yourself” mindset through street art, which carried on into North American punk and skate culture.

If you’ve ever taken an interest in the street-art culture, take notice of the tag lines and stickers used by some artists to publicly advertise their works. While the Obey logo has greatly grown in recent popularity, being found in stores like Urban Outfitters, the logo symbolizes a large movement within the underground art world. The idea of Obey acting as an oxymoron is that its real messaging is to “disobey” popularized advertisements and propaganda, and instead embrace individualism and freedom.

So, what’s in a brand? Much more than you may think. Those daily symbols and images we may have become almost numb to have a lot more to say than you may think. Have a brand you love or organization you support? Check out their origins, chances are by wearing, sharing, and supporting them, you’re saying more than you thought.

Spark Creativity this Valentine’s Day

Written by: Pina Capuano

Edited by: Sarah Dean

February is a month where we seek shelter from the dragging winter days and wait for a groundhog to tell us if spring will strike early. It also marks another golden opportunity for companies to show off their branding strategies and strut their stuff on the Valentine’s Day runway. But while the romantics of us swoon over the thought of flowers, poems, and chocolates, Valentine traditions are being broken as companies come up with creative ways to steal our hearts. 

Tea: Valentine’s Day Blends

Tea: Valentine’s Day Blends

Tea, for one, has come onto the scene hotter than ever. With specialty tea shops cropping up everywhere and following the suit of specialty coffee shops like Starbucks and Second Cup, Davids Tea is one company putting their spin on Valentine’s Day. Complete festive Valentine and love-inspired blends, pink tea accessories, and greeting cards, Davids Tea is giving romantics the opportunity to do something a little different, and a little unique this Valentine’s Day.

Arthur George by Robert Kardashian

Arthur George by Robert Kardashian

If you’re not into tea, another way to warm up your Valentine’s heart is by starting feet first. Arthur George by Robert Kardashian has a line of Valentine’s Day socks complete with playful sayings and colourful hearts. Sure, footwear doesn’t exactly scream romance, but these fun socks are a great way to add some personality into your February 14th festivities.

 The best part about these unique gifts though, is that they still leave plenty of room for classic boxes of chocolates and flower bouquets. If you’re really looking to go outside of the heart-shaped box though, why not get creative?

 Glass blowing studios usually offer a variety of classes at different skill levels and give students the opportunity to make anything from vases, to paper weights, and jewelry. It’s a craft that is unique and you’d be surprised at just how many cities have glass blowing studios and artists. Both group lessons and private classes are available and whether it’s a package through a website like Goupon, or one directly through your local glass blowing studio, this one of a kind surprise is sure to melt your Valentine’s heart.

Flo Glassblowing - Pink Vase & Ornament

Flo Glassblowing – Pink Vase & Ornament

 So there you have it, three ways to make this Valentine’s Day your own and surprise that special someone with something as unique as your love.

Find your Passion within PR

Written by: Courtney Saunders

Edited by: Emilee Darling & Patricia Michelena


For all of my life, the importance of health and nutrition has been prominent within my household. As I got older, my enjoyment and desire to really delve into the health and nutrition world intensified. However, as a student who has never truly excelled in science, but loved the communication and business field, I knew that an education in communication and business was more catered to my strengths than an education in nutrition. Luckily, while I was thinking how I could incorporate my love for nutrition with that in communications, I stumbled across Crave PR. I was so excited to find a local company, that combined two relatively distinct, and separate career avenues together. It was that moment that I realized that everyone’s dream job is out there, ready and waiting to be discovered.

An education in public relations allows for many opportunities to branch off in a direction that allows you to truly pursue your passion. Immersed within program, when I really started to unearth the field and its components, I realized it is a career that offers flexibility in its practices, and it will allow me to pursue my passion for health and nutrition.

Based in Burlington, Ontario, Crave PR is a public relations firm that specializes in food, nutrition and wellness, as well as in lifestyle products and services. At the same time, it also assists clients in areas of business, such as consumer brands in food manufacturing, commodity marketing boards, kitchenware, consumer packaged goods, snack foods, along with health, wellness and beauty brands, pharmaceuticals and family and lifestyle products and services. I personally love how Crave PR works with clients and brands to help develop and explore avenues for PR opportunities while assisting clients in understanding how to fully utilize the range of multimedia communication tools available for their company or organization.

Crave PR acknowledges that reaching the desired audience is more than just simply getting the attention of the media and obtaining news coverage. With a carefully designed “menu” of services, Crave PR is able to help clients who focus on health and wellness gain attention from consumers, media outlets, blogs and social media platforms.

To name only a few of their services, Crave PR combines the love of communications, event management, writing and editing with photography and recipe development, which allows them to offer a very diverse environment to work within.

Crave PR is a great example of how the field of public relations can be the doorway towards an exciting career, and the realization that you can effectively incorporate your passions into said career. A job in public relations allows individuals opportunities to embrace what they are passionate about and apply that passion to their work.

 Crave PR is just one example of a public relations firm that can align with your personal interests. With the vast number of PR firms in a wide variety of areas of interest, you will definitely be able to find an organization that suits you, that is waiting for young, creative individuals to welcome to their team.