Find your Passion within PR

Written by: Courtney Saunders

Edited by: Emilee Darling & Patricia Michelena


For all of my life, the importance of health and nutrition has been prominent within my household. As I got older, my enjoyment and desire to really delve into the health and nutrition world intensified. However, as a student who has never truly excelled in science, but loved the communication and business field, I knew that an education in communication and business was more catered to my strengths than an education in nutrition. Luckily, while I was thinking how I could incorporate my love for nutrition with that in communications, I stumbled across Crave PR. I was so excited to find a local company, that combined two relatively distinct, and separate career avenues together. It was that moment that I realized that everyone’s dream job is out there, ready and waiting to be discovered.

An education in public relations allows for many opportunities to branch off in a direction that allows you to truly pursue your passion. Immersed within program, when I really started to unearth the field and its components, I realized it is a career that offers flexibility in its practices, and it will allow me to pursue my passion for health and nutrition.

Based in Burlington, Ontario, Crave PR is a public relations firm that specializes in food, nutrition and wellness, as well as in lifestyle products and services. At the same time, it also assists clients in areas of business, such as consumer brands in food manufacturing, commodity marketing boards, kitchenware, consumer packaged goods, snack foods, along with health, wellness and beauty brands, pharmaceuticals and family and lifestyle products and services. I personally love how Crave PR works with clients and brands to help develop and explore avenues for PR opportunities while assisting clients in understanding how to fully utilize the range of multimedia communication tools available for their company or organization.

Crave PR acknowledges that reaching the desired audience is more than just simply getting the attention of the media and obtaining news coverage. With a carefully designed “menu” of services, Crave PR is able to help clients who focus on health and wellness gain attention from consumers, media outlets, blogs and social media platforms.

To name only a few of their services, Crave PR combines the love of communications, event management, writing and editing with photography and recipe development, which allows them to offer a very diverse environment to work within.

Crave PR is a great example of how the field of public relations can be the doorway towards an exciting career, and the realization that you can effectively incorporate your passions into said career. A job in public relations allows individuals opportunities to embrace what they are passionate about and apply that passion to their work.

 Crave PR is just one example of a public relations firm that can align with your personal interests. With the vast number of PR firms in a wide variety of areas of interest, you will definitely be able to find an organization that suits you, that is waiting for young, creative individuals to welcome to their team.

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