12 days of PR: Let’s Tweet-Up!

Written by Pina Capuano
Edited by: Shannon Murphy

The first time I heard the word ‘tweet-up’ I thought it was a new music group. But when my friend explained to me what it was and that she has been invited to attend one with the Ottawa Red Blacks football team, I was intrigued.


It’s inevitable, the face of technology changes quicker each day and the question of how ‘social’ the Internet is, is constantly tested. From this concern, the tweet-up was born. A tweet-up is a portmanteau combining “twitter” and “meet-up” and occurs when twitter users tweet each other to make plans to rendezvous in the physical world. This really doesn’t sound that interesting but it is the way in which organizations use this growing trend that really makes a difference.

To get the metaphorical ball rolling, sports teams may send out a tweet inviting the first 50 people who tweet back to attend a special tour of their sports facilities. Similarly, musicians and special events coordinators can use their social networking platforms to bring twitter users together in person at their events.

What sets a tweet-up apart from a contest is that it encourages interaction between Twitter users in the real world. As mentioned above, the debate surrounding the social aspect of social media is consistently contested. As we spend more time logged into our devices we decrease the amount of physical interaction we have with other people and the world around us. By incorporating technology that will encourage users to move beyond connecting with people online and continuing these connections in person, tweet-ups are gaining success while satisfying their fans curiosity.


Tweet-Up in San Diego attracts over 200 guests!

But while they encourage us to get out of our phones and talk to people in person, tweet-ups are also a fantastic way for brands to gain visibility. The amount of online traffic towards their accounts and websites increases dramatically; and there is no better PR than words from the customer. Tweet-ups are new and exciting and any brand who is using them to bring customers, fans, or clients together is making a valuable connection with them and building a bond that is more valuable than any products the brand could produce.

In short, tweet-ups create memories, stories, and merge our beloved online world with the physical world we live in each day. But beyond making connections with organizations or brands, tweet-ups make connections between people. They create a common ground in which people who like the same things can meet under circumstances when they may have never met before.

If you have been part of a tweet-up or have heard of a company which has done them before let us know in the comment section and share your story!

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