Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays from uOPRA!

Written by: Shannon Murphy
With contributions by; Pina Capuano, Emily Guterres, Jocelyn Courneya, and Patricia Michelena

12 Days of PR

The uOPRA blog team hopes that you have enjoyed the 12 days of PR this year. We have enjoyed every minute and every word typed in producing articles about old memories, current traditions, and classic PR tips and tricks. The 2014-2015 team has and continues to refine what uOPRA embodies; and in fashion with our holiday-themed series, four of our uOPRA members have shared some insight into what uOPRA has done for them.


uOPRA has helped me learn how truly passionate I am about the world of PR. Working alongside others who are just as driven as I am is a blessing and I wouldn’t be where I am today without everything uOPRA

Cat. has taught me.

Pina Capuano, ACPR
VP Social


The University of Ottawa Public Relations Association has allowed me to build strong and meaningful professional relationships. It has also given me the chance to channel my ambition and drive with other likeminded individuals who are passionate about public relations. I have had the opportunity to use my creative ideas and build them into realities. I am confident that the skills and connections I have made through uOPRA, will be extremely advantageous for my career in public relations.

Emily Guterres, Public Relations
uOPRA Writer

 The second year of uOPRA, and even though we are only at the halfway point, it has proven to be a very successful year so far. Two fantastic networking events, some great articles by our bloggers for 12 days and an amazing team of students. I have no doubt that the new year will be even better, and can’t wait to see what this team has to bring.

Jocelyn Courneya, Communications and Globalization
uOPRA Writer

I have been in uOPRA for a year and a half now and I have to say I have learned more than I could have imagined. My favourite thing about this organization is definitely the people that you work with, and the activities that we do within the organization! We help each other grow and learn through experience, all together, which is great for our future careers since we will be probably working together in similar projects. It feels great to look back and see how much you have achieved since you first started and I can’t wait to see how much we develop as people and as an organization itself in 2015!

Patricia Michelena, Public Relations
VP Secretary

uopra team

uOPRA is an organization that promotes the success of young professionals by offering support and opportunities to expand their knowledge and portfolio in the public relations field. On a personal level, uOPRA has given me the opportunity to work with the most amazing and talented people in the city. My team this year is an extension of the success uOPRA experienced last year and they continue to inspire me every day with their creativity and determination. I am extremely thankful for everything each member brings to the table, and am so proud of the positive changes that they’ve made for the organization and for their peers. I cannot believe how lucky I am to collaborate with uOPRA writers and event planners, and I cannot wait for everyone to see our work come to life this year at our second annual conference in March!

We hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a long relaxing break before the 12th!


Sharing the Holiday with The National Arts Centre

“Canada is our stage. Le Canada en scène.”

Written by: Shannon Murphy

For those who are unfamiliar, The National Arts Centre is one of Canada’s largest premiere venues for the performing arts. Located downtown on the Rideau Canal the NAC is not only a prominent Ottawa landmark but is also designated as a National Historic Site. The NAC boasts the most talented performers in a variety of disciplines including English and French theatre, vocal, orchestra, and ballet, and is home to hundreds of special events annually. The NAC proudly supports the arts through the NAC Foundation – and during the holidays it partners with various charitable organizations including the Ottawa Food Bank, and the Snowsuit Fund.


Photo: Marc Fowler

It is without question that mid-way through November the city is in full holiday swing. From the decorations on storefronts, to the snowflake display on Parliament Hill; it is easier to catch the contagious spirit of the season than it is to catch a winter cold. The famous buildings and architecture around the city each contribute their own unique winter sparkle; among these Capital hot spots is the National Arts Centre.

Since 1969, the National Arts Centre has proven to be a staple that defines the Christmas season in Ottawa. It has become a tradition among many that promotes the underlying message of each winter-inspired show; a collective love of music, culture, and community. When the outdoor signs change and the interior transforms to favour a more festive theme, NAC guests can be confident in the quality holiday performances they will experience.

The Nutcracker

The Nutcracker

Since the first of December, the NAC has shown and hosted several holiday shows and events including that of the Tchaikovsky classic, The Nutcracker, a David Myles Christmas Concert, a Christmas collaboration between Matt Dusk and the famous NAC Orchestra, Handel’s Messiah with James Feddeck, and a Christmas dinner at their restaurant Le Café. The NAC provides a memorable holiday experience and incorporates regular shows into the schedule all while debuting their highly anticipated and long awaited headline show, Alice Through the Looking Glass.


David Myles’ Promotional Invite, 2014.


If you were able to catch a Christmas special this season, or have any special memories from shows past, please share in the comment section!

12 Days of PR: How many Santa’s does it take to sell a bottle of coke? – Coca Cola and their role in the marketing of St. Nick

Written by Jocelyn Courneya

Edited by Pina Capuano


“Santa”, “Santa Claus”, “S. Claus”, “Jolly old St. Nick”. Chances are, that as the Christmas season draws closer, the more often you hear one of these names alongside images of a jolly fat man with a long white beard, dressed head to toe in red. While many associate this magical man in red with the Christmas holiday season, what many do not know is the history behind the modern image of Santa Claus and his role in the 20th century marketing of Coca Cola. Continue reading

12 Days of PR: Giving Back This Holiday Season


Written by: Jordan Alfred
Edited by: Emilee Darling & Shannon Murphy

It’s that time of the year again. Students are ditching their textbooks and notes in exchange for turkey and stuffing, quality time with family and friends, and some much needed relaxation away from school. For most, the holidays are a time of giving, whether in the form of gifts, a meal, or simply sharing each others time. Unfortunately, for many people around the world and in Ottawa, the luxury of nightly dinners does not exist, let alone for the festive season. In our last article, we showcased how the NBA has given back to their communities this holiday season, and today we will shed some light on how you can get involved in a meaningful way too. Continue reading

12 Days of PR: How the NBA is getting in the Christmas Spirit

Written by: Emily Guterres

Edited by: Pina Capuano

You’re not the only one getting into the holiday spirit, the NBA is giving back to their communities through the NBA Cares Season of Giving. Teams and players across the country are helping thousands of children and families by hosting charitable events in their communities in an effort to brighten the holiday season.

This year the NBA Cares Season of Giving officially tipped off Nov, 19, 2014. As a part of this initiative, the NBA and the NBA Development League teams and players will join community partners and volunteers in hosting more than 375 charitable events from November to December.

All these events bring hope and celebration to communities and families across America, which need it most. The events span a wide variety, so here’s a look at our top 5 favorite moments of the NBA Cares Season of Giving:

Continue reading

12 days of PR: Let’s Tweet-Up!

Written by Pina Capuano
Edited by: Shannon Murphy

The first time I heard the word ‘tweet-up’ I thought it was a new music group. But when my friend explained to me what it was and that she has been invited to attend one with the Ottawa Red Blacks football team, I was intrigued.


It’s inevitable, the face of technology changes quicker each day and the question of how ‘social’ the Internet is, is constantly tested. From this concern, the tweet-up was born. A tweet-up is a portmanteau combining “twitter” and “meet-up” and occurs when twitter users tweet each other to make plans to rendezvous in the physical world. Continue reading

12 days of PR: Purple, Red and Blue, the New Colours of Christmas?

Written by: Jocelyn Lubczuk

Edited by: Pina Capuano

The crisp smell of snow is in the air, holiday music is everywhere you turn, shoppers are running too and frow with packages and… lattés in their hands? Flavored lattés are making a return this holiday season!

With the return of the cold comes the public need to stay warm and comfortable both inside and out. Popular coffee shops, such as Starbucks, Tim Hortons, and Second Cup aim to not only warm people up, but to sell customers a holiday experience.

Branding themselves with a Christmas story is a popular way in which companies attract customers. Their tactics? Simple. Continue reading