Fall in Love with PR: Being Quick on your Feet

Written by: Kristie Van Vloodorp Taylor
Edited by: Pina Capuano & Shannon Murphy 


In my first few weeks of studying public relations at Algonquin College I have realized just how connected the lessons I learned at the University of Ottawa are to what I am learning now in college.

I began learning about the importance of having confidence in all settings and understanding different communication theories. While I do not miss studying into the late hours of the night, I certainly benefitted from the foundation I built through my university experience.

Now, the knowledge I am learning is much more practical for refining professional skills. After practicing quick responses for public relations interview questions I learned that even when I will be interviewed in a real life situation, I need to remain as human as possible.

The goal during public relations interviews is to be yourself and say what you want to say. I am the type of person who naturally tries to memorise my answers but I have tried that in a PR environment, and it does not work very well.

This field requires professionals to be quick on their feet and able to answer questions that they may not expect, so it is important to remember what the key message is and what needs to be communicated.

The public relations program has also taught me to address any type of question that may be asked while not speaking for anyone else.  If I am asked to confirm what someone else has said, for example, I am in no way obliged to do so. My duty as a public relations professional is to tell the interviewer and the audience what I know. If I don’t know the answer, it is okay to simply say, “I don’t know”.

Being good at something requires practice. After studying public relations, I do believe I have the potential to be successful in this field. My strengths are in connecting with people, and I am in the right place where I can exercise my full potential and become a professional in the field of public relations.

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