Communication & PR Open House

Written by: Sharon Cheung

On March 15th, the University of Ottawa Communications Department hosted an open house for potential new communication and public relations students. The day opened with a one-on-one networking lunch with the head professors of the department. Afterwards, the Chair of the Communications Department, Sylvie Grosjean, welcomed the students to the info session and introduced her colleagues Luc Dupont, Florian Grandena and Isaac Nahon-Serfaty.

Professor Grosjean shared with the eager audience on how enrolling in an organizational communications program touches base with all facets of communications. Organizational communication is a practical approach to learning interpersonal and intercultural communications as well as becoming familiar with the dynamics of a functional organization through the examination of internal and external factors. If you’d like to learn more on the different available avenues of communication, Organizational Communication is a great start! Continue reading