12 Days of PR Bliss: What has uOPRA done for YOU?

Written by: Sharon Cheung

We hope that you have enjoyed our 12 Days of PR Bliss. Your bloggers have taken great  pleasure in bringing you diverse topics as well as new perspectives on the profession. A few weeks ago we sat down and discussed what uOPRA embodies, ideas of community and skill building, a genuine resource for young professionals, and networking opportunities surfaced. In the spirit of the Christmas holiday, we would like to share with you what a student association such as uOPRA has done for some of our members:

“First and foremost uOPRA has given me the opportunity to meet a great group of students who share the same interest in Public Relations as me. I made some incredible friends being part of uOPRA. On a professional level, uOPRA has allowed me to network with practitioners in the Ottawa area through events, conferences and other various activities. I’ve also been able to enhance my writing skills by blogging for the association.”

Amber Gillan, 2nd Year Public Relations

‘Since becoming involved with uOPRA this year, I have had the chance to be immersed into the public relations world through our PR initiatives at the University of Ottawa. In just this fall semester alone, I’ve had the chance to interview communications professor and PR expert at the University of Ottawa, Dr. Isaac Nahon-Serfaty, as well as members of the IABC’s Ottawa chapter. Both interviews gave me the chance to meet and talk with people who were making important impacts on Canada’s Public Relations sector, as well as broaden my outlook on what I could expect upon entering the workforce once finishing school. On the more creative side of PR, I had the chance to design uOPRA’s fall flyers, which can be viewed on the homepage of the uOPRA website.’

Jocelyn Courneya, 2nd Year Public Relations

“The University of Ottawa Public Relations Association embodies what PR is all about, smart and creative people building meaningful and professional relationships towards a brighter future.  uOPRA gives young professionals the opportunity to network with the industry’s finest, hone their communicative skills in a professional and collegial setting, and is a nexus of information from various industries, large or small. Joining uOPRA has given me the pleasure of learning from my colleagues, while building my professional network through a supportive and professional organization. My journey through the public relations industry has been amazing since joining uOPRA and I strongly recommended present and future students to become engaged in this exceptional group.”

Tommy Nguyen, 2nd Year ACPR

“I joined the uOPRA team this summer after looking for volunteer opportunities for my law school application. I was pleased to be so welcomed by the Executive team, and felt that my work as the blog/document editor was valued by the club. Through uOPRA, I not only gained volunteer hours which will be counted on my transcript, but I have had the ability to edit many great pieces of work. Being a business student, I got to see how another faculty operates, and the sheer importance of Public Relations in our everyday lives. I believe having a uOPRA reference on my resume and law school application will truly help my contention for success since public relations is everywhere! So if you have a chance, join uOPRA, or attend their events to see how prominent PR actually is in our everyday lives.”

Raechel Allen, 4th Year Telfer School

“Joining uOPRA was one of the best decisions I could have made as a Public Relations student. I initially joined uOPRA to build up my resume and pursue opportunities to plan events but what I received in return exceeded my expectations. Being part of this association has allowed me to network with other students and industry professionals while establishing a family-like community among them. This association also enabled me to put the theoretical side of public relations into practice, with that, there is no doubt that these skills and the relationships I have build will transfer into future endeavors.”

Pina Capuano, 2nd Year Public Relations

“After joining uOPRA a few short weeks ago I have gained a network of inspiring and hard working individuals. uOPRA is an organization that promotes the success of young professionals by offering support and opportunities to expand their knowledge and portfolio in the public relations field. Since mid-November I have already been offered an internship, been able to contributed an article to the uOPRA website, and have been apart of the conference planning team for our event in February. uOPRA has given me the chance to gain relevant experience in the field during my first year at the University of Ottawa.”

Shannon Murphy, 1st Year Public Relations

“Being with the uOPRA has become a valuable asset for me both socially and professionally. I enjoy being a part of this group as a means of meeting and interacting with the people who may now be my student peers, but will eventually become my professional peers. Public Relations relies on team work and you’re either part of the team or you’re not; with uOPRA on my side I’m able to network and become part of numerous bodies of PR professionals throughout Ottawa.”

Bryant McNamara, 2nd Year Public Relations

“I am honoured to be a part of uOPRA. It has kept me up to date about PR, helped strengthen my writing skills, given me opportunities to network with my peers and local agencies (i.e. Bowda PR and Waterwood Communications) AND it has given me complete creative freedom when writing my blogs. I often get asked, “What would YOU like to write about?” I am so excited for our next project; it’s coming out in December! I highly recommend getting involved as uOPRA shares crucial knowledge needed to further your career.”

Channelle Labelle-Viens, 2nd Year Public Relations

I have somehow stumbled upon a goldmine, and I cannot wait to share with everyone what our team is capable of. Enrolling in this program has been the best decision by far that I have made, and joining uOPRA has shown me what possibilities can come out of imagination, hard-work and perseverance. With your support, we hope to share with you at our conference on February 4th why you should invest in uOttawa and why the program is so worth it.

Thank you for joining us throughout this series and any support you have given to our association since day one.


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