A Spotlight on Waterwood Communications


Written by: Channelle Labelle-Viens

Are you looking to get your foot in the door? If you’re anything like me, and you are studying Public Relations, you are probably always thinking of what your next career step should be. You may ask yourself, can I even do anything career-advancing during my study semester? The answer is yes – networking. Get to know the different firms and the hard working people that run them. After all, networking is paramount in the Public Relations industry. So far we have learned a little bit about IABC Ottawa, CPRS, and Bowda PR – what’s next you may ask? Let’s get to know Waterwood Communications.

Founded in 2008, Waterwood Communications is a three-time award winning marketing and communications firm. However, the team is no newcomer to brilliance. Waterwood Communications has won a Merit Award at the International Association of Business Communicators’ Excel Awards in Ottawa for their Communications Management. As well, they have won two ClearMark Awards from the Center For Plain Language for their excellence in clear writing.

This team knows all about success! Waterwood Communications offers plenty of services such as: strategic communications solutions, marketing planning, writing and editing, branding, training and course development, facilitation, and project management. Essentially, “Whatever you need, we’re here to help”. Soon, Waterwood Communications will be launching a training division called Plainly. It will capitalize on Waterwood’s expertise in plain language by offering professionals fully customized training in the following areas:

* Plain language writing;

* Communicating clearly;

* Media relations;

* Stakeholder relations;

* Corporate storytelling;

* Writing for the web;

* Writing effective emails; and

* Developing a solid brand.

Fact: Founder of Waterwood Communications, Nicole d’Entremont

(left), was a student at uOttawa along with Shelley Moorhead (right)!


Ms. D’Entremont’s educational background is quite extensive. She has a dual Master of Arts degree in International Relations and International Communications from Boston University, a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in Communications from the University of Ottawa, and a certificate in International Communications and Public Relations from Salzburg College in Austria. When in comes to Waterwood Communications, Nicole is on top of things; she works with a variety of different clients, including Adobe Canada, Brookfield Renewable Power, Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, Industry Canada, International Development Research Centre, and the Ottawa Network for Education. It is safe to say that Nicole is a dedicated and passionate business owner.

With all of this said, if you are really trying to get your foot in the door, remember that getting to know a firm and the people who run them is the perfect start. Networking is all about making connections and building mutually beneficial relationships, and Nicole definitely knows about that:

“I’ve always put a lot of value into networking. I have been networking since I was a Communications student at the University of Ottawa. Whether it’s reaching out to a potential employer or contact who to discuss opportunities within the industry or attending professional events put on by associations and networking groups, it’s important to widen your circle of contacts and to maintain a strong network. As a business owner, it’s just as important. I attend events in my industry and I am part of a professional networking group that meets every month to talk about our businesses. I also actively network through social media—especially LinkedIn and Twitter.” – Nicole d’Entremont

I’m sure Waterwood Communications would enjoy speaking with you! So don’t be shy, get involved, and show the world what you can do! To find out more about Waterwood Communications you can use email, visit their website, or follow them on Twitter.

Email: info@waterwoodcommunications.com

Website: http://www.waterwoodcommunications.com

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