YOU should get involved this semester. I’ll explain why.

The International Association of Business Communicators (iABC) Ottawa Chapter, is an international not for profit organization, founded in 1970, bringing together communications professionals throughout Ottawa. Built up of both professionals and students, iABC Ottawa assists communications and marketing professionals to expand on their careers through various hosted workshops and events.

Volunteers and members are essential in running all iABC events and general operations. Volunteers and members have the chance to work in groups and under board members, depending on their abilities and availability, assisting with various iABC tasks, workshops and events. This is a great way for students to develop skills, expand their portfolios, gain experience, learn from those within the industry, and meet potential future employers.

Every year iABC hosts 1215 various workshops and events, all revolving around communications and marketing. Events may involve meet ups and discussions with other industry professionals, as well as workshops hosted by professional speakers on topics such as important communications and social media developments. On March 6th 2013, iABC Ottawa hosted a FREE event for students titled What To Do When You Graduate. The workshop featured an expert panel, and was set up to help communications and marketing students develop an idea of what opportunities would be available for them post-graduation.

Tara Lapointe, is currently entering her second year as an iABC board member, as the head of marketing communications. Having been a member of iABC throughout her 17 year career Tara claims that “[iABC is] always trying to provide added value to our members and to be as relevant and cutting edge in the changing Communications landscape.” Kaleigh Maclaren, a past uOttawa graduate has also gained from her membership with iABC, greatly expanding her network, and now sitting as secretary on the board.

iABC is a great way for current students to get a head start within the communications and marketing industry of Ottawa, before even graduating. Students who are interested in volunteering, or signing up for a membership, which is only $49.00 in comparison to the $314.00 professional fee.  are strongly encouraged to visit the following link:

Written by: Jocelyn Courneya

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