The University of Ottawa Public Relations Association Official Website

The 2015-2016 uOPRA Team

The 2015-2016 uOPRA Team

Welcome to the official website and blog for the University of Ottawa Public Relations Association! We are a student run club at the University of Ottawa dedicated to bringing social, academic, professional, and volunteer opportunities and events to students in our community.

We strive to give students the opportunity to connect with industry professionals, students, and professors while gaining hands on experience in the field of public relations and communications.

What you will find on

1. uOPRA Talks: our blog section where uOttawa students have been reviewing different communication courses, writing spotlights on professors, local PR companies and events, as well as critiquing companies on their PR or need for PR through use of theory learned in the classroom.

2. Take uOPRA to Work Day: A podcast series in partnership with Young PR Pros hosts Kristine D’Arbelles and Julia Kent, a local weekly podcast duo. This four-part series highlights four industries within public relations to give students an inside look into the fields of technology, lifestyle and entertainment, communication agencies and public affairs.

3.  12 Days of PR: A 12-part article series which covers different PR strategies, corporations, tips and more written by uOPRA members and PR students.

4. Events: A review of our past events and a snapshot of our upcoming academic events and socials throughout the year.

5. Meet our 2015- 2016 executives Jocelyn, Shanice, Jordan, Courtney and Sarah, and learn all about uOPRA here!

Contact us at if you would like to get involved.


One thought on “The University of Ottawa Public Relations Association Official Website

  1. Hello PR students,
    A paid social media marketing internship available at Das Lokal restaurant ( for the winter term.
    If you are interested in receiving the job description, please contact Evan Potter at
    The deadline for submitting CVs is January 13th.

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